Why Attend Early Years in Mind Conference – NEyTCO Conference 2017

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When we launched in 2014 at a Parliamentary Event held in the House of Commons we set out to become a business with the primary objective to reinvest into the community rather than being driven to maximise profit for shareholders or owners. NEyTCO is an incorporated Community Interest Company (CIC) with a distinct and valuable role to play in creating a strong, sustainable and socially inclusive economy. Looking back on then we never would have imagined we could have come so far in such a short time.

NEyTCO’s purpose was to connect Early Years professionals and to facilitate interaction and collaboration and what better way to do that than to get everyone under the same roof. Many of you may have been involved with each other at distance via our member directory services collaborating, supporting each other and working together to advance your own individual success by sharing a common goal of creating an inclusive community for all involved.

We believe social conscience is important to our organisation, our members and the integrity of our vision. What we do deeply involves and is motivated by the human element of our professions and although we are deeply proud of our growing members directory, for many of you, we may never have never met in person and shared together the passion, knowledge and motivations of what inspire us to be the best that we are able to become. We all look forward to meeting you 9th of june and that today will be the moment you made the decision to step up your involvement in the things that motivate us now, and to help shape our goals for the future. We believe communities give people a sense of belonging and meaning. Our vision for the conference was to empower the community’s professionals to build better, stronger communities by bringing you all together in one powerful event.


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